Friday, November 21, 2014

Foto Friday - 11/21/14

Dear Family and Friends,

Rich, Nancy, Chuck and I were privileged to share George and Carol Evans' 49th wedding anniversary last night during our trip to Uruguay.

Such a beautiful couple with beautiful hearts.

Love you guys!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Tour of the Oldest Winery in Uruguay

Dear Family and Friends,

While in Colonia, we took a day trip to the oldest winery in Uruguay, Los Cerros de San Juan.  They do not export their can only be purchased in Uruguay.

We started our tour in the vineyards.  The drive was spectacular.

Rich checking the grape vines.  You can tell he has California roots....he looks like a natural.

This winery is 150 years old.  The buildings were very old as well as some of the machinery.

Here is George checking out the processing machinery.

If we started to feel we were in France, all we had to do was look at one of our drivers.  He is drinking the traditional yerba mate (herbal tea).

We toured the cellars.  Huge oak barrels imported from Europe many, many years ago and still in use.

At the end of the tour we had the main event in our books, the wine tasting.  Here is Chuck and George waiting for the rest of us.

The wine tasting is held in the old company store.  The shelves where the groceries were displayed are now filled with bottles of wine.

These guys give "belly up to the bar" a whole new meaning.

YES!!  We scored.  Wine to enjoy back at our hotel.

What a fun day!!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Colonia, Uruguay

Dear Family and Friends,

We are having a terrific vacation with our friends, Rich, Nancy, George and Carol.  We have been in Uruguay for several days.  Our first place to visit is Colonia, Uruguay.  This is a lovely town.  Check out the pictures.

Beautiful tree lined cobble stone streets...

Lots of colorful plants...

Surrounded by water....

Lots of outside restaurants....

We rented a cart, piled in and drove around town....

This old house has the bougainvillea trained to side of the wall to keep the sidewalk clear.....

Lots of old cars.....

Regrouping at the hotel, deciding where to have dinner.

Cooking with wood...he scrapes the hot coals under the grate.

Satisfied customers....

We are having a wonderful time.