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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Treat

Dear Family and Friends,

I have had the pleasure of staying with my eleven year old grandson for the past few weeks while his mother is out of town.

Yesterday, at his elementary school, all the kids came dressed in their halloween costume and paraded around the school ground.

This was an extra special treat for me because.... (1) I was able to participate with Bryce and (2) I haven't been in the U.S. for Halloween for 9 years.  The bar has definitely been raised for halloween costumes since I was a kid.  Check out these pictures I took.

Bryce seems to have found Waldo...

I lot of the characters I did not recognize.  I am definitely out of the loop.

I did, however, recognize Hermione from Harry Potter

 ..and the crash dummy.

Even the teacher was decked is the bear welcoming the students into the classroom.

A very creative peacock..

Not sure about this one...

This little prize fighter is a girl.

Strutting her stuff...

Not so scarry witch...


I bet this girl had to get up at 5am to get her well decorated face done.

Minnie Mouse.

And I saved the best for last "Bugger-man."

Have a happy halloween everyone.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Birthday Get Away

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I are in California staying with out grandson, Bryce, for six weeks while our daughter is away.

Bryce went to fifth grade camp Wednesday through Friday of last week.  Chuck and I used this "off duty" time for a quick trip to Reno.

It is about a four hour drive to Reno from Dublin, California.

Looking out our room window....yep this is Reno...not Vegas.

When we get tired of throwing out money into the slot machines, we take time out at the bar.  Here is Chuck enjoying his pipe while catching up on his email.

Thursday was Chuck's birthday.  Here is a cute picture of the birthday boy.

 The first thing people ask when you go to Reno or Vegas is how much did you win?  I always say if we can break even then we are winners.

We had a big celebration dinner including a bottle of fabulous wine for Chuck's big day....all from winnings.

The best thing is that we still have each other and that makes us both big winners.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Bring it on Bryce.

Dear Family and Friends,

I arrived in California a little over a week ago.  I traveled here to stay with our grandson, Bryce.  His momma is away for six weeks training for her job.  

I had a couple of days with Kylie before she flew out last Tuesday.  Since then Bryce and I have been taking care of each other.

Here he is on our first night alone...celebration dinner.

First day on the job:  Bryce comes home from school with homework - MATH.
Math is math, right?  NO...they have changed math since I was in school.  Yes, can you believe?  Now you have to make boxes, write paragraphs and show multiple ways to get a simple problem done.  Everything seems to be done the most confusing way possible. This, my friends, is called common core math.  I am wondering what happened to common sense math?

Second day on the job: Bryce tells me, as he is about to leave for school Wednesday morning, that he has a project due on Friday.  It needs to include a diorama.  I asked him what he had to report on and he said Pre Colombian Northwest Indians.

I quickly got a pad and pencil and started asking him what he would need to make this diorama.  We made a list of things needed...popcicle sticks, glue, glue gun, fake grass, weapons, etc.  Then off he went to school.

I went shopping. Thank god for Hobby Lobby.  They had everything on the list.

Wednesday night Bryce started on his diorama.  There was research to do also so he could explain the climate, type of government, what they ate, what they wore, how they adapted to their surrondings, etc.

Here is Bryce hard at work.

Starting on the research and getting the long house finished was enough for Wednesday evening.  He still had his regular homework to do before calling it a night.

Third day on the job: Finish the diorama, finish the research, make index cards with his talking points.  Practice his talk a couple of times. This was in addition to his regular homework.  

BUT...he got everything done.

Fourth day on the job:

Here he is Friday morning with his finished project.

Chuck arrived in the early afternoon and now we are a team to help this kid.

Bryce is a great kid and we are enjoying him so much.

He goes to Fifth Grade Camp this Wednesday morning and will not be home until Friday afternoon.

Chuck and I are going to drive to Reno for a couple of days while Bryce is away.