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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hugs, Kisses and Lattes

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I have been in the "old country" (USA) now for over a week.  We are on our annual Family and Friends adventure.

We flew from Ecuador to California for our first stop.  There we visited our daughter, Kylie and grandson, Bryce.  Actually I flew a couple of days ahead of Chuck so Kylie and I could have some "mother/daughter" time.

Here is our beautiful daughter, Kylie.

and our wonderful grandson, Bryce.

We had a great time visiting them in Dublin..just outside of San Francisco.

Here is Chuck (Poppi) and Bryce at the marina.

Last Sunday evening we flew from San Francisco to Seattle.  We spent Monday through Wednesday visiting family.  Audrey and Jim were headed out on their South Pacific cruise.  We were able to see them and wish them a great trip.  We visited with Chuck's brother, Larry and Carolyn.

During all of this visiting I did not take one picture.  We were too busy catching up to think about that.

On Wednesday morning, we drove north to Everett, Washington to see Chuck's sister, Carol and husband Frank.  We spent a few hours with them and had a wonderful lunch.

Carol and Chuck sharing some time together at Pudget Sound

Here is a picture of the four of us just before we got back on the road.

We drove east over Steven's Pass in the Cascade Mountains.  Although the weather was fabulous, the scenery was great because it had snowed the day before.

Here is ski lodge at the summit.

We headed south and just before we passed from Washington into Oregon we stopped at "Stonehenge WWI memorial", a replica of the real Stonehenge. Actually, this version is what the real Stonehenge would look like if it were not in ruins.

It is located on a bluff that overlooks the Columbia river, which seperates Washington and Oregon.

It was a nice clear day.  Here is a view of Mount Hood, in Oregon and the Columbia river from the Washington side.

We drove south into Oregon.

We stopped and walked around at the Crooked River overlook.

Our mission into Oregon was to visit Clarke and Brenda.  Clarke and Brenda moved from Cuenca back to the U.S. last year.  We stopped to visit them at their new home in Bend.  I am happy to report that they are looking and doing great.

They have a new grandson and another grandbaby on the way.

They toured us around Bend and we had a great time "cathing up."  They are leaving soon to look at Tuscon, Arizona as a second home site.

Here is the four of us.  Chuck and Clarke had on their "ain't we cool" hats.

Speaking of cool hats, Clarke and Brenda insisted that we needed to take some sun protection as we ventured back north into Washington.  A token of their great affection for us.

We drove north yesterday through the countryside of eastern Oregon.  We stayed on two lane roads the whole trip.  The scenery was beautiful.  As we were driving down the road we came upon this scene.  It reminded me a little of the major highways in Ecuador.

Today we are heading to the Tri-Cities, Washington.  This is where we lived before moving to Ecuador.  Can't wait to see our children and grandchildren and there are many friends to visit.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Good Friday Procession in Cuenca

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck has healed up real good from his scooter accident.  We have a lot to be grateful for.  Life is getting back to normal for us.

On the evening of Good Friday, Chuck and I went to watch the annual procession of the Stations of the Cross.  It is a somber walk with hundreds of participants carrying lighted candles.  This year the procession went from the new cathedral through town and back to the new cathedral.

Each station is represented by a banner.

There were men dressed as Jesus representing each station of the cross.

We were so glad we went, it made Good Friday more meaningful for us.

We are leaving soon to go visit our family and friends in the U.S.  We are looking forward to sharing a lot of love and hugs.

We wish you all a happy Easter.

Nancy (and Chuck)