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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Now that Chuck and I are home, we have been thinking back about our Ecuadorian adventure. There is one important thing we did not share and would like to add to this blog. Our very good experience renting a condo in Cuenca.

Chuck and I found our apartment on the internet at

This real estate office is run by Spanish/English speakers....Kathy Gonzalez and David Morrill. Our first email inquiries were answered by Kathy. She sent us information on available apartments and at our request sent pictures.

After selecting our condo, she requested the first and last month's rent to be wired to her. She held our apartment for two months until we arrived. She only charged us for the actual time we were there.

When we arrived in Cuenca we were met at our new apartment by Monica Rodas, Kathy's assistant. Her English is excellant. She gave us a tour of our apartment and answered any questions we had. She also offered her services to help us get our internet set up.

Here are some pictures of our apartment:

All bedrooms opened to a terrace. The large windows let in wonderful light. The apartment was very roomy.

Nice, large, well equipped kitchen. It has everything down to dish towels.

All of the bedrooms have roomy closets.

Here is another view of the living area.

We had read somewhere that getting your deposit back might be difficult in Ecuador. Since we were dealing with Cuenca Real Estate, this was not the case. We got our deposit back very promptly. We had a most positive experience.

Oh, one other thing. We enjoyed Cuenca so much that Chuck and I have decided to get rid of all our worldly goods here in Richland and relocate there. That being the case, I will continue this blog. I will share about our experiences downsizing here, selling our house, crying about lightening the load and the whole process of getting our residency visa and setting up housekeeping there.