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Friday, September 28, 2018

FOTO FRIDAY - 9/28/18


Chuck and I took our very first cruise back in 1999.  We went with his parents on a cruise of the Black Sea. The main purpose was to see the total eclipse of the sun on August 11 of that year.

The picture is of Chuck's folks and myself embarking on the cruise ship.  Where is Chuck?  He missed the boat.

The day before we were leaving to fly to Greece, Chuck realized he couldn't find his passport.  Luckily, Delta Airlines rerouted Chuck's ticket to New York City.  He then took the train to Philadelphia where he could obtain a replacement passport immediately.  

I flew on to meet his folks in Athens.  Chuck was a couple of days behind and missed boarding the cruise. However, when our ship docked in Istanbul, Turkey guess who met us?  

This worked out well because we were all together for most of the cruise.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Quick trip to Beach in Peru

Dear Family and Friends,

About a week ago Chuck and I took a quick trip to Peru to go to the beach.  We went to Punta Sal Suites & Bungalows in Tumbe, Ecuador.  Here is a link to their Facebook page:  Punta Sal Facebook page

The last time I went to the USA alone, Chuck came here to check it out.  When I returned he told me that it is a must do location.

It can be reached in one day of driving from Cuenca.  We made it a two drive drive with an overnight stop on the way.  We had a flat tire on the drive down so this turned out to be a good choice.

Also, when we got to the border of Peru, we had a long wait because there were hundreds of Venezuelans waiting to cross the border.  It is truly amazing how many people are fleeing from Venezuela.  These people are the lucky ones because they can get out.  Thankfully, the humanitarian countries of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have opened their borders to these refugees.  

This is the Peru sign at the border.

The amazing thing about the resort we went to is that it is located in the desert.  There is very little rainfall in this location, yet the resort is lush.  I don't know where they get their water but it is a wonderful oasis.

Below are some pictures of this resort.

I made this picture as we were checking in.  Everything is out in the open because the weather is not an issue.

All of the trees and greenery were planted here.  When you leave the gates of the resort you are in the dry countryside.

When Chuck went online to book us a room they only showed the Presidential Suite available.  It is located upstairs in this building.

Our bedroom was very nice with a king size bed.

Our view from the bedroom was spectacular.

We had our own private patio with a table, hammock, lounge chairs and a hot tub.

Here is Chuck sitting on our patio under the shade umbrella, smoking his pipe and reading his Kindle.  The atmosphere was very relaxing.

Chuck mentioned to the desk clerk about booking online and all that was available was this suite.  The clerk said to call direct next time to get a bungalow.  I think we will do that in the future. The bungalows are right on the beach and have a nice shaded porch.  Here is a picture of them.

Their pool is very large and pristine.

Because of the arid climate everything is open air, even their dinning room.  It was so nice to eat with a view of the ocean and hearing the waves break.

Their specialty is grilled lobster.  Mine was just a wee bit over cooked, but still delicious.

Here is Chuck waiting for our dinner.  He is wearing a shirt he had made in India.  

We enjoyed relaxing on the beach.  The weather was perfect.

Even the sunsets were nice.

We had a wonderful time and I hope we can return before too long.  It won't be real soon though because we leave in a week to go to Italy for a month.

Since I have not been posting to this blog as often as I once did, I have decided to return to adding a Friday Foto each week.  This will keep our blog from being inactive for weeks at a time.

After we return from Italy, I will be posting all about our trip.