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Saturday, March 9, 2019

When is it time to slow down?

Dear Family and Friends,

I have been away from posting to this blog since before Christmas.  I realize that some folks keep up with us via our posts and I apologize for letting so much time lapse.  We are healthy and busy as ever.  

I abruptly stopped posting about our last trip because I lost my tablet and lost all the pictures I had lined up for my future posts.  I was heart broken and just lost the enthusiasm to continue.  

Here is a run down of what we have been up to since our last post.  

We returned to Cuenca the end of November after finishing our cruise with Audrey and Jim.

The day after Christmas, we left to spend a couple of months in Tucson, Arizona.  Chuck's family are snow birds there for several winter months.  Actually, Audrey and Jim live there year around.  

When we were visiting there last year we bought a small trailer in the community that Chuck's family lives in. This way we can visit for a longer time without being "house guests" for two or three months.

Our plans are to visit with family and friends in Tucson and other parts of the U.S. every year so having a U.S. base works out well for us.

While we were in Tucson we had many guests.  Our daughter and son in law, Merri and Ken visited us for a few days.  Our friend from Richland, WA, Glenda, came and visited for a few days.  My brother, Norman dropped by on his way to California.  Our daughter, Kylie came for a few days and my sister and brother in law, Mary Anne and Larry came for a week.  We also had a fun "expat reunion" with Bruce, Charlie, Clarke and Brenda, who all live in Arizona now.  

We had a great time visiting with Chuck's family living there and all our friends and family.  

It was unseasonably cold for Arizona.  A couple of days before we left to return to Ecuador it snowed all day long.  

We arrived home in Cuenca this past Sunday from our Arizona adventure.  We thought we had ten days to do a turn around before our next trip, but when we reexamined our calendar we had less than a week.  Oops!  We have spent the past few days doing laundry, repacking, and visiting with friends as much as possible.

We fly out of Cuenca this afternoon for Quito.  Tomorrow we board a flight to Amsterdam. After a nights rest there, we will be flying to Albania.  

Our next month will be touring the balkan countries of Albania, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro.  We are doing this tour with Gate 1.  This is the same tour company we used for China and India.  We are very pleased with their tours.

I am not lugging my laptop on this trip, so there will be no posts or pictures until we return the first part of April.  However, I will be posting to Instagram as  ecuadorchick if you want a sneak preview of our photos.  

I have not been posting to Facebook lately, I have been taking a vacation from social media.  It helps to clear my brain, if you know what I mean.  Maybe I will add some pictures to FB also.  

At any rate, this post is to let you know we are doing well.  I just took a break from all things media related and will ease back into it as it seems appropriate.

Before signing off, here are a few pictures from Tucson.

Expat reunion photo.  We had so much fun.

Living desert photo, beautiful cactus.

One of many beautiful desert sunsets

I am grateful that I still have the stamina to keep up with Chuck.