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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Chan Chan, Peru - What happened???

Dear Family and Friends,

Before I share the photos I made while visiting Chan Chan, I am posting a link to a short National Geographic video about this ancient city.  I think you will appreciate my pictures after you take a minute to watch this video.

After taking the bus back to Trujillo, we wanted to see one more site archeological site.  Chan Chan.  

If you watched the video above the photos I share below will make sense.  

When the Spanish arrived in 1534, the city of Chan Chan was abandoned.

Chan Chan is located very near the ocean.  Fishing was very important to their survival.  Remember the reed fishing boats?  They used these boats for fishing.  These boats are still used today.

This first photo is an example of what the last King would have worn.  He would be carried around on a platform balanced on shoulders of his guards.

This photo is of sea otters that were carved into the walls.  

Below the fish and waves are represented in this art work.  Notice the pelicans depicted along the bottom of the wall.

A closer look at the fishes and a wave.

The section of the site that is still there is covered.  This is to protect it from rain.  The section in front is a replica of a fish net.  

The round circles depict a full moon.  These folks worshiped the moon more than the sun.

This is a carving of their god.

Below is a photo of what the site looked like in 1988 before the protective roof was built.

We enjoyed looking back into Pre-Colombian history of this part of Peru.  

The next day we flew from Trujillo to Lima.  From Lima, Peru to Quito, Ecuador and from Quito to Cuenca (home) all in one day.   

We are home now and thinking about our next trip to the USA.  We have a granddaughter who is getting married, a grandson graduating from high school and other family to visit before returning to Cuenca.  

Thank you for joining us in this Peru trip.


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

For a real education, take the bus!

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I needed to return to Trujillo for one more adventure before flying back to Ecuador.  We could have flown south from Chiclayo to Lima and then back north again from Lima to Trujillo.  This would have taken all day and we would have missed what I am about to share with you.

I told you earlier that I would share pictures with you that I made from the bus. When we took the bus to Chiclayo I was not in a good spot for photos.  This time we went to the bus station days before our trip and secured the best possible seats on the double deck bus.

The arrow is pointing to where we were sitting on the bus.  Front row, on top, just perfect for recording our trip.

The days of Greyhound and Trailway busses are pretty much gone.  Most folks in the North America either fly for long trips or drive their own car for shorter trips.  But here in Peru, and even in Ecuador for that matter, taking the bus between destinations is the practical way to travel.

As I said before, flying would have taken all day, but by taking the bus, we only spent 1/2 day traveling (4 hours), and the two cities are only 130 miles apart!  

Now to get on with the bus adventure:

This is where we bought our tickets days before.

This is the waiting area.  Must get there early if you want to sit down, half the seats are not available.

A lot of paper work to ride the bus.  Health form must be filled out and signed.

The luggage is pretty secure.  They tag the luggage and give the passenger a receipt with the same number.  This was a direct bus, no stopping, so we felt our luggage was safe.

Here we go....front row...

Looking down on the tuk-tuks.  (not sure what they are referred to in Peru) We never road in one. Why?  If you watched the traffic video I shared in FB you would know.

Typical traffic craziness on our way out of town.

I told you I would share something shameful about Peru.  I do not know if it is like this all over Peru, but between these two cities it is a sad sight. 

It appeared as though garbage was dumped there on purpose.  The reason I say this is because not all areas were this filthy. 

A couple of days ago I posted to the blog comparing ancient Egypt to ancient Peru.  I remember when we were in Cairo, Egypt to see the pyramids, how appalled I was seeing the garbage next to and in the Nile river. I was just as appalled to see the same sort of garbage on this trip in Peru.  

I remember when I was a kid there was a big campaign to stop people from littering.  There was a television ad with a native American looking at the trash on the side of the road and a big tear dripping out of his eye and down his cheek.  It was very effective and the highways became clean and today people in North America wouldn't think of throwing their garbage out their car window.  Littering fines probably helped to stop it also.

Not only is this unsightly, it is not healthy for people to live like this.  

Okay enough about that...just needed to have my say.  If you have a different view of this situation feel free to have your say.

I put the worse out first, now just come on along and enjoy the ride:

Looking down on some meat for sell.  It is out in the open and it is about noon.  Would you buy it?  

Hats for sell.

The smaller the villages, the more tuk-tuks and less cars.  

A short video you may want to watch

We saw a lot of rice fields.

Here is some rice drying before taking it to the mill.

Here is a truck loaded with bags of dried rice.  They are delivering the rice to the mill which is located behind the truck.

We went trough a lot of desert.

We slept through I don't know what.

I think this man is carrying home tomorrows dinner.

We finally arrived at the Trujillo bus station.

We got a taxi and went straight to our hotel.

It was a long ride, but very educational.


Monday, May 2, 2022

Big Market in Chiclayo, Peru

Dear Family and Friends,

A few days ago I posted about the USA branded stores that I was surprised to see at a mall in Chiclayo, Peru.  

Today, I am taking you to the big market.  It has everything the mall had, but is not fancy in any way.  Actually, these types of markets are more fun for us to see because they are so alien to the shopping we see in the USA.

Here goes:

This lady is shopping for a strong woven plastic bag.  We have seen these type bags used all over the world.  They are strong and quite durable.

This guy is selling cute aprons for children.

There were a lot more people shopping at this market than the fancy mall.

This stall seems to specialize in pet food and products.

Below are some gourds.  There are even bowls made out of the bottom of giant gourds.  When we were at the museum, our guide showed us some bowls just like these that the ancients made.  

These are sticks of cinnamon.

This stall is chocked full of kitchen products.  

This lady is doing mending and hemming, etc.  

Cute little bunnies.

and parakeets.

When we got to the meat and fish area the flies were everywhere.  The sales people were some what successful in waving rags in the air to keep the flies from landing.  

For us brave folks there is the meat.

the chickens (these remind me of rubber chickens).

and fish.

This reminds of that song....Baby Shark

The only place the salesperson did not have to fight off the flies was the lady selling dried fish.  Oh gawd, it smelled so bad that even the flies wouldn't come near.

Guess who decided he wanted to buy some to snack on.  

They even had a "witches corner" out back.  It is where all the exotic herbs and maybe even voodoo dolls are sold.

These are just a few pictures I took in the market.  I hope you enjoyed them.

Tomorrow I will post about the bus ride back to Trujillo that I promised.