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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Parade of the Children

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday Chuck and I made our annual Christmas Eve trek to see the children of Cuenca parading through the city. Our friend, Lourdes, posted a very good blog explaining the origins of this parade. I am thankful for her post because I now understand why this parade happens only in Cuenca and not in other cities in Ecuador.

I took hundreds of pictures. I reluctantly went through the photos and discarded most. The pictures you are seeing are the ones I just could not delete. I know there are a lot of pictures here and if you get tired of looking before I am tired of sharing....I understand.

Here are our links to parades past:



Merry Christmas to all our family and friends.

We love you.

Nancy and Chuck

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Beach Pictures

Dear Family and Friends,

Sometimes I end up not putting pictures on this blog because I have so many to share. Today I am adding more pictures I took while we were at the beach in Salinas, Ecuador.

Sailboats we could see from our condo.

I'm not sure what kind of boat this is but I think this is an interesting picture with the flowers in the foreground.

A couple of pelicans.

When Chuck, Randy and Karen went up the coast on Wednesday they found a neat "get away." The name of this hosteria is Farallon Dillon. Karen posted about about it on her blog. To read about their trip up the coast click here.

I was fortunate that Chuck and Karen took me to this wonderful place on Friday for lunch. (Poor Randy was having his turn at being sick and having to stay home.) It can easily be reached by taxi from Salinas. We of course, went in Puff-Puff.

This is the light house and the hotel/restaurant.

It is overlooking the bay. The swimming pool is real neat because it looks like it is part of the bay. Here is a picture showing the mermaid that looks like she is jumping into the pool from the ocean.

An outside bar made out of a boat cut in half.

This is the patio eating area. During whale season, you can sit here and watch the whales play in the bay. They like this particular section of the coast for some reason. Our lunch was fantastic.

The inside is just as interesting.

The inside bar.

They also have an old church that has been turned into a nautical museum.

When we go back to the coast this will definitely be a place that we will visit again.

We are back in Cuenca now and are happy to be in this wonderful temperate climate enjoying our friends. So many holiday happenings are going on around town. We are anxiously awaiting the Christmas Eve parade of the children.