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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Home for Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I are flying out of Cuenca this evening to return to our home in Richland, WA for Christmas. We will be home until January 13th. The Ecuadorian blogs will continue in January.

We are very happy to be going home to visit family and friends, but I must admit, we wish we could split ourselves in two because on Christmas eve in Cuenca is the most popular celebration of the year. The parade of the ninos (children). I understand that people come from all over Ecuador to view this event.

Chuck's sister, Audrey and her husband, Jim are house-sitting our apartment. They will be here through Christmas. Audrey and Jim have promised pictures of the event.

In Cuenca, the churches and cathedrals are illuminated at night. This picture is of Las Conceptas.

My prayer for the coming year is that my heart will be so filled with peace and love.....there will not be room for anger or fear. I wish the same for you.

Nancy and Chuck

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  1. very pretty building!

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