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Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Full House

Dear Family and Friends,

Here are our friends Jeannie and Vicki. We met them last spring when we were cruising around
South America. They are from North Carolina and I feel so much at home when I hear them talk.

They flew from North Carolina to Lima, Peru and then down to Cusco and toured Machu Pichu before coming to visit us in Cuenca. They purchased their ticket from Peru to Ecuador online. They had their confirmation in hand, but when they arrived at the airport to fly here, the
ticket agent told them that there was a mixup with their credit card and they reservations had been canceled. To fly here, the airline, LAN, requested four times the amount they had paid for their tickets online.

Jeannie and Vicki decided to not allow the airlines to screw them over with such a scam. They chose to take a bus up instead. It took them 24 hours to get here. They got here Tuesday night, exhausted and so happy to be off the bus.

Since Jeannie has been here she has started her own blog. If you would like to see it go to

click here to see Jeannie's blog

Tonight we have four other guests arriving.

Chuck is on his way to the airport to greet them now.

We are so excited!

Nancy and Chuck