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Monday, April 7, 2008

Meeting the President

Dear Family and Friends,


Chuck and I took our guests, Joann and Linda for the double decker sightseeing bus tour yesterday morning. As usual we were able to get good seats for the best viewing.

The views from the bus are always interesting and fun. The architecture is beautiful...

and the people are so fascinating to watch.

I believe the people on the street get as much enjoyment watching our tour bus as we get observing them.

We passed this church just as it was letting out. I love this church because it reminds me of an old mission in the Southwest.

The highlight of the tour is when the bus goes up to Turi so we can get a beautiful panoramic view of Cuenca.

No sooner than we arrived, when trucks and cars started arriving with military police and secret service body guards.

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, got out of one of the vehicles and was surrounded by plain clothes security as he made his way to the viewing platform over looking Cuenca.

Along with the other spectators, we watched as the president viewed Cuenca with his family. President Correa is the man talking on the cell phone.

It was so exciting that we were able to get close enough to get some great photos of him.

In fact, the most exciting thing of all is that we were able to meet him and have photos made with him. When I went to shake his hand, I spoke to him in my weak Spanish. He said to me, "I speak English, where are you from?" So we chatted in English for a moment.

Here is a photo of President Correa chatting with our friend Linda. (Notice how she is clothing coordinated with him). They look like they are on the same team.

Chuck and I have taken several tour bus trips with our guests, but this one was the very best yet!!

Nancy and Chuck