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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vino Blues

I knew getting rid of "things" was going to be a challange, but I have just said a sad good by to my little red Vino scooter.

Chuck bought us a matching pair of scooters about 6 years ago. He bought them as a surprise for me and I have always loved that little scooter. I rode it to work for years and Chuck and I even took some road ( backroad ) trips on them. I used it for getting around town all the time.

Here is a picture of our scooters down at the park on the Columbia River. We had scooter seat covers made for them. The seat covers were a plaid that matched the color of our scooters perfectly. They worked great until they got all bleached out by our hot summer sun.

I even found some shoes that matched my scooter. I called them my scooter shoes and wore them when riding my scooter.

Chuck sold his scooter a couple of years ago to some friends. At the time I was shocked that he would break up the matching pair. But, since we had bigger scooters (Scarabeos) he never rode his little one anymore. I later learned that the lady we sold it to had sold the scooter to her friend.

Here is a picture of Chuck and I on one of our trips.

Here are our scooters waiting for the ferry in Seattle.


But the ending is not too sad. We had not advertised my little Vino, even though we knew we had to sell it before we moved to Ecuador. Our scooter friends knew my scooter was going to have to be sold.

The other day I received a call from a lady. She said that she had heard my scooter was for sell. She told me that she had bought our other scooter from our friend. It is on Orcas Island and she was interested in buying my scooter.

Now our two little scooters will be back together again.