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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grand Canyon

I have never been to the Grand Canyon in all my 62 years. I was anxious to see it before we leave for Ecuador. Chuck and I woke early and got on our way to the Grand Canyon so that we could be there for sunset. Sunrise and sunset are the best times for viewing the canyon I've heard.

We drove over Hoover Dam. Here is a picture of the dam from the Arizona side.

We got to the canyon in plenty of time to watch the sunset. We stayed in the park at the Bright Angel Lodge. You only had to walk out your door a few steps to see the canyon. We highly recommend this lodge.

Because the park is so popular, guests are encouraged to park their car and take a shuttle bus to the various sites for viewing the canyon. This is one of the shuttle buses.

They come every 15 minutes during the day. We were there during the low tourist season so we had no problem using the bus and found it very efficient.

Here I am sitting on the edge of the canyon waiting for the sun to set.

The wait was well worth it. The view was so spectacular that it took our breath away.

The next morning we got up early to see the sun rise. Again, it was spectacular.

Chuck rode a mule down the canyon. Not me, I enjoyed the vast beauty just fine from the safety of the top. I did get a few pictures of him to capture his adventure.

Here are a few of the mules waiting to be assigned to their passengers.

There goes Chuck heading down the canyon on his mule. The mule was named Too Tall. He was the tallest one of the bunch. (Chuck is in the red and black jacket.)

While he was gone for the day, I took the shuttle bus to various lookout points along the south rim of the canyon.

I was back to photograph the homecoming. Chuck had a wonderful time and is now an official "mule skinner."

That night we enjoyed another spectacular sunset.

The next morning we viewed other areas of the canyon before heading out to Bryce Canyon.

We took the back road to Bryce Canyon. The scenery was so wonderful.

Take a look at the size of these rocks that have tumbled down from the mountain.

What a vacation and we were only half done.

Next post - Bryce Canyon.

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