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Friday, December 19, 2008

Expat Night in Cuenca

Dear Family and Friends,

We have been using Skype (an internet telephone service) to keep in touch with loved ones back home. Since we have no furniture in the living room and dining room and with the the tile floors the echo is terrible. Chuck discovered that if he threw a towel over his head it would muffle the echo. Here he is chatting with his folks in Seattle.

Tonight we went to the weekly expat meetup. We were so happy to be able to visit our friends and to meet others who were either English speaking tourists or new residents.

The man in the center of the picture below is Ron. Ron does a jazz broadcast every evening on Cuenca radio. He broadcasts live every Friday from the meet-up.

Afterwards, Jim, Chuck and I went for dinner at our favorite restaurant in Cuenca - Sakura Sushi.
Notice Jim's panama hat on the chair.

Tomorrow we will continue our search for furniture.

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