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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cows and Scrambled Dogs - Why I Love Ecuador

Dear Family and Friends,

Today is "Fat Tuesday" or here in Ecuador they just say Carnival.

Chuck and I are pretty much staying close to home today. One reason is that going out would almost guarantee that we would get soaking wet from water bombs (balloons filled with water) being thrown at us. The other reason is there is nothing open today. Every business, including the Super Maxi (grocery store) is closed today.

When we were walking home from the bus stop on Sunday, I looked up and was so pleasantly surprised. Luckily, I had my camera on hand.

Yes that is a cow crazing in our front yard.

As we got closer we found we had three cows in our front yard. Here are the other two.

They all three were chomping away at the clover.

Being a city slicker, I was glad to be able to get up close and personal.

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you may already know that I was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. There is a special dish that is unique to Columbus. It is called a "scrambled dog." And, although I have not actually lived in Columbus for over forty years, every now and then I get to craving one.

Yesterday we invited our neighbors over to share some scrambled dogs with us. Once again, I got so excited about eating that I forgot to take a picture of my neighbors, but I did remember to get a picture of my scrambled dog.

To get the history of this dish and a recipe of sorts CLICK HERE

I haven't checked on my neighbors this morning, but I think everyone survived the "dog food."


We are no longer having to throw a towel over our head when we use Skype. Our computer room has just enough furnishing to absorb the echo.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Lent. Hopefully the water bombs will cease and we can once again walk the streets of Cuenca and stay dry.

Feliz Carnival!!


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