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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Remembering Bill

Dear Family and Friends

It is with a sad heart that I share with you that Bill Hirsch died in his sleep about three weeks ago.

I remember the first time that I met Bill. It was in November of 2007. Bill and Christa bought the condo next to the one we were renting. Bill, Christa, Chuck and I became fast friends.


Bill and Christa chose to retire from Tennessee to Cuenca. But those of you who know Bill, retirement was not possible. Soon after moving into their condo in La Cuadra, Bill became active on the board of the condo association. He was elected Vice President.

Shortly after, Bill and Christa formed a partnership with Patrick. Patrick has been their close friend since they first arrived in Cuenca. They opened Cuenca Internet. As with everything Bill did, the internet service is the largest and best Cuenca has to offer.

We had house guests most of the time we rented here last year. Many of you who visited us last year met Bill and Christa. On many occasions, Bill and Christa joined right in with us.

One memorable occasion can be remembered by clicking here.

After we returned to the U.S. to prepare for our move back to Cuenca, we kept in touch via email. One of the funniest emails I received from Christa was the one where she said they had become new parents. She attached a picture of a little fuzz ball…named Sammy.

As all of you, I have many fond memories of Bill. His smile was contagious. He was so outgoing and easy to like. His heart was big. He and Christa did many favors for Chuck and me, as we did for them.

Friday was Christa’s birthday. We went to ex-pat night and then out to eat at Sakura (our favorite sushi restaurant). It was just us two “girls.” Chuck was ill at home. We had a great time, talked about fun times we have shared and even about the future. Lucky for us, Christa is going to stay in Cuenca. This is her home.

Even though we miss Bill very much, we are so grateful for all the wonderful memories we have. Friendship is a blessing from God and we are so glad that we were given the opportunity to know and love Bill Hirsch.


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