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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chuck's Twin Has Been Found!!

Dear Family and Friends,

I have heard that somewhere in the world everyone has a twin. We think we have found Chuck's twin.

Holly, is a friend we have in Cuenca. She and her husband, Brian live here with their daughter. They moved to Ecuador from Canada.

Holly emailed us this picture a couple of weeks ago. She was looking at some old pictures and came across this one. It is a picture of her daughter and mother and in the background she spotted Chuck. She emailed the picture to us and told us when and where it was taken to verify if it was him.

This picture was taken in Vancouver, Canada in 2007. The funny thing is that Chuck and I have been to Vancouver several times. In fact we are sure that he has stood in that same location. The problem is we were not in Vancouver in 2007.

Chuck swears it is not him. I know for sure that is not me with him. I think it looks just like him. What I want to know is where did he go on that scooter trip he took a couple of years ago? Who is that woman with him?

(Click on the picture to make it larger for a better view of Chuck's twin)

What is your opinion? Should I be hitting him over the head with a cast iron frying pan or acknowledge that he indeed has a twin?



  1. That's really funny!

    Upon closer inspection of the zoomed photo, I think it's safe to say that it's not Chuck. But it certainly looks like him from a distance! Creepy...

  2. Looks like Chuck to me. Where did you get a cast iron frying pan in Ecuador?

  3. looks a little like him, but no, not him! Although I do believe we all might have twins somewhere. When I lived in NY some friends went to AZ and came back and swore they saw someone who looked just like me and drove a car exactly like the one I drove then!

  4. Pretty sure that isn't Chuck, because on that particlar day in 2007 he rode his scooter to the Pasco Farmers Market with me. Actually the twin looks like more of a motorcycle guy rather than a scooter guy!


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