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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Down Day

Dear Family and Friends,

On Monday our most wonderful neighbors, Henry and Sue, brought us two bottles of wine. One red and one white with instructions to enjoy ourselves on our anniversary.

I wish I could share with you about how exiting our anniversary was but the truth is I think I poisoned us at lunch. I fried some scallops and made coleslaw. This was the first time I used cabbage not bought at the SuperMaxi. As the afternoon went by we both commented that our stomachs were not well. As the evening came on we knew for sure something was very wrong. Instead of going out for a big celebration Monday evening we decided to postpone dinner until we were more fit and we retired without sharing the wine or anything else for that matter.

Tuesday was a quiet day. Our stomachs were better but still not healthy. This was the very first day we have been in Cuenca that Chuck did not leave the condo. All day long it seemed like it was Sunday instead of Tuesday. Around 6:30pm I sat down to check my email and there was a message from our new friends. They were inquiring about what had happened to us. They had graciously invited us last week to have dinner with them this evening. They were emailing us because they did not have our telephone number. The moment I read it my heart fell, we had forgotten about our dinner date. Unfortunately, I did not have their telephone number either. I emailed her back with our sincerest appologies. Chuck and I feel awful about this.

Today is Corpus Christi, a religious holiday. Actually in Cuenca it is week long event. We are going to go to town and hang out. Since this is the first time we have been in Cuenca for this event we do not know exactly what we will find going on. We do know that there will be a big celebration in the central plaza tonight including fireworks. I found this picture on the internet to give you an idea of how they do fireworks is called a fireworks castle.

This is just one more reason we love living here.

Nancy and Chuck

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