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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thank God for Friends

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck left early Tuesday morning for Guayaquil. He flew out of Guayaquil to Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon. Today he arrived in Richland (if all his flights went well....I haven't received a safe arrival message yet).

I would have flown with him but as I have mentioned before I don't have extra days to spare. I'm lucky that I can make the trip to China. When we return from China I will have to fly directly back to Cuenca from Seattle. Chuck, on the other hand, will stay in the U.S. and visit with family and friends.

I will leave for Richland on Friday night and will arrive there on noon Saturday. We have to drive to Seattle and leave for our trip on Monday.

Right now I am thinking how fortunate we are to have such good friends here in Ecuador. With Chuck gone, these few days could have been pretty lonely. Yesterday, I did what any red bloodied American woman does when her husband is gone...I went shopping. Today, my friend, Brenda come over and we toured the market. We came home,fixed lunch and had a great time.

While we were making the rounds at the market Brenda ran into a couple of Ecuadorian friends she had met on her way to Cuenca. They invited Brenda and her husband, Clarke on a picnic this Saturday.

This evening, David and Christa invited me next door for a delightful dinner. We had chicken Kiev, asparagus, potatoes and enough wine to make me woozy.

Tomorrow I will start packing and tie up loose ends around here.

I will share more about our upcoming trip tomorrow when I am a little more sober. But tonight, I am enjoying the glow from the wine and the warm feeling of having such great friends.

Life is Good!!


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