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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Bathroom Floor - I Hope Chuck Likes It

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck's mother had a very nice memorial service on Thursday. Some of her children, grandchildren and a great grandchild shared their memories at the service. Chuck said it was very nice. My heart was heavy that I could not attend. But, this is one of the prices one pays when deciding to relocate outside the USA.

To all of our friends who have expressed their condolences, we thank you so much.

While Chuck has been away the work has continued here in the condo. When Chuck had to leave we were in the middle of a major re-plumbing project. We were having the toilet plumbing in the guest bathroom re-routed. It seems the builder did not follow code and we wanted to make sure the waste water went to the proper place.

Some of the bathroom floor was chipped up and a big hole was dug to get to the plumbing below. When the plumbing was done and it was time to replace the floor we could not find the original tile anywhere. On Saturday, before Chuck left, we had looked at tile and discussed what we wanted. On Monday, Hugo and I went tile shopping.

The remainder of this week Hugo has been replacing our bathroom floor. Here is Jose, Hugo's helper, putting the grout on the tile.

Here is Hugo washing down our patio after the work was complete. There was about a half inch of dust everywhere from using a power saw to cut the tiles. He left everything very nice.

And, here is the finished floor. Notice that it is not is also not slippery when wet. Since we could not match the tile on the walls exact, we decided to go with a solid complimentary color.

I've had the two water colors that we bought while in China framed. They have not been hung but the spots where they will live have been selected. I still have "the goddess" to get framed and then we will have Hugo put them up. It is necessary to have a power drill to mount pictures on concrete walls.

The first picture will go in our dining room.

and the second picture will go in our bedroom above our bed.

While on the patio this afternoon, I noticed that the strawberry plants, my friend gave us when she moved away, are starting to bloom. Yes, it is Spring here and what a beautiful reminder that life is a wonderful cycle.

Chuck will be returning to Ecuador tomorrow. I am flying to Quito to meet him and we will spend a few days there before returning to Cuenca.


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  1. Hey kids. I like it when people leave the occassional comment on our blog. It just lets me know that some one actually reads it. So, yes, I am reading your blog. All our best.


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