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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Parade of the Children

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday Chuck and I made our annual Christmas Eve trek to see the children of Cuenca parading through the city. Our friend, Lourdes, posted a very good blog explaining the origins of this parade. I am thankful for her post because I now understand why this parade happens only in Cuenca and not in other cities in Ecuador.

I took hundreds of pictures. I reluctantly went through the photos and discarded most. The pictures you are seeing are the ones I just could not delete. I know there are a lot of pictures here and if you get tired of looking before I am tired of sharing....I understand.

Here are our links to parades past:



Merry Christmas to all our family and friends.

We love you.

Nancy and Chuck


  1. Nice pictures mom, I again hope you and Chuck and all of your friends that you know have a wonderful "Merry Christmas", today in Cuenca. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND I LOVE YOU ALWAYS, Matt Byrd your loving son

  2. Nancy,

    Absolutely stunning photos. Next year I hope to join you watching the parade.

    Feliz Navidad


  3. Beautiful pictures, Nancy. Can't wait to see everything when we come to visit Cuenca in Feb. The children are beautiful. Sue and Pat Woods

  4. Nancy, these are absolutely beautiful. You captured their little faces perfectly. I took hundreds of photos, also and I did not have any of the children you have in your album. I will direct my friends to look at your album to see a different variety of kiddos.

  5. I've actually been following your blog for about 9 months now. We're about 20 years from retiring, but we have our sights set on Ecuador!I love these pics, very nice camera!

  6. Todavia no conozco Cuenca. Vivimos en Brasil, pero mi mujer es ecuatoriana y siempre nos vamos a Ecuador. Sus fotos son lindas. Los niños de allá tienen unos ojos lindos.
    Probable que me jubile por esos lados.

    I still haven't been to Cuenca. We live in Brasil, But my wife is Ecuadorian and we always go there.
    Your pics are beautiful. Ecuadorian children have pretty eyes.
    Probably we retire there too.


  7. Just discovered your blog, great pics. Retiring and want to check out Cuenca. Have never been to Ecuador any suggestions. We were considering Mexico in the Ajijic/Lake Chapala area but would like to investigate Ecuador.


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