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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Audrey & Jim Head for Home

Dear Family and Friends,

Jim and Audrey left for home today around noon. We offered them an extra suit case if they needed to use it to get home, but incredibly, they were able to pack everything in the bags they brought.

They treated us to dinner last night at Tiestos restaurant. We had been there on Friday night and we really enjoyed sharing it with them. They loved it so much that they asked us yesterday morning if they could take us back there for dinner. We happily accepted.

Here is a picture we had the staff take of us waiting for our dinner.

"The Last Supper"

This morning I fixed a hearty breakfast with the left over steak from last night. Every other morning they were here, it was pretty much "fend for yourself" around here as Chuck and I are not big breakfast eaters. I was a little worried about their flight connections and them getting food since their plane left around lunch time.

Audrey took a lot of pictures while she and Jim were here and has done a fabulous job posting on her blog about our adventures. Her blog is especially interesting because she adds the awe that we felt when we first arrived.

Click here for Audrey's blog

This Monday Chuck and I are taking the bus back to Vilcabamba for a week. We are looking forward to hanging out there and getting to know a little more about this town.

Keep passing your smiles away.


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