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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is Walking Relaxing?......WHEW!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday after we finished checking on our email, Chuck and I checked out a little place on the main square of Vilcabamba for coffee. The coffee was alright, but we think there is a better cup to be we will continue our quest while here.

While enjoying our coffees we met another couple who are touring Ecuador. They joined us for coffee and as we chatted we learned that they are renting an apartment in Cuenca not far from where we live. They are from Canada and are toying with the idea of buying a place in Ecuador to escape the Canadian winters.

Later, we had lunch at the Hidden Garden hotel. As we entered we saw other friends from Cuenca who are also here on a holiday. We joined them, ordered the tortilla soup, and compared our hostel experiences here in Vilcabamba. We invited them to come to Izhcayluma and join us for dinner tonight.

We spent the afternoon back at Izhcayluma reading and napping waiting until time for dinner.

There is wi-fi in the eating area of Izhcayluma, but it is slower than molasses. We took our laptop and tried to communicate with the outside world but to no avail. Luckily, it was getting time for dinner.

While were about to order dinner, we saw the people from Canada and joined their table. They said they had heard about the dinner invitation and would not be here tonight as they were leaving today. We had a great meal and bananas flambe for dessert.

At dinner we introduced our Canadian friends to a Canadian we had met earlier. He is renting a place here in Vilcabamba for $200 a month right across the road from our hostel. He invited us to come see it which we were happy to do. It is a typical adobe house style that we have seen in the Andes many times, but this is the first time we have had the opportunity to see the exact layout. He has a large patio in front that is covered by the roof. Off from the front patio are four doors leading to four rooms. (a kitchen, bedroom, sitting room and a bathroom) We thanked him for letting us get a glimpse into how many local people build their houses.

This morning we once again enjoyed breakfast with a wonderful view of the valley. After breakfast we started our hike down the mountain to go to the town. My calves were sore from yesterday´s down hill walk on the asphalt road, but today we took another route, which involved steep rocky passages through lush tropical landscape.

Is this relaxing? Well, it is sure a diversion.

We are sitting in an internet cafe here in town. We have tried another coffee spot, which happened to be better than the coffee yesterday. My calves are aching, the internet is slow here and my "city girl" make up is starting to long for Cuenca.

The weather here has been overcast and misty. However, it is the rainy season and this weather is most likely the norm this time of year. It is warmer here than in Cuenca and I am hoping for a couple of days of swimming pool weather before we leave.

Until tomorrow...

Nancy & Chuck

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