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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jungle for Chuck/Cuenca for Nancy

Dear Family and Friends,

Our friend, Brad is touring in Ecuador. When he was planning his trip last year he told us he was going to the jungle and invited us to join him.

Ms. Nancy does not do hot and humid gracefully....especially if it also involves snakes and creepy crawlies. Chuck, on the other hand, will do anything. He is Mr. Adventure.

Since Chuck would have Brad to pal around with, it made it easier for me to decline the invitation and stay here in Cuenca - (land of nice temperatures and no snakes).

Yesterday Chuck left bright and early to fly to Quito to meet Brad. They then flew to the jungle where they took a boat two hours deeper into the jungle.

My only request to Chuck was for him to take tons of pictures to share with us. He promised he would and off he went. When he gets back home, he will post about his trip on our blog.

Since he and Brad are deep in the jungle, they will be out of contact for awhile. Their cell phones won't work and there is no internet.

I am going to head downtown this morning to have cappuccino and do some errands.

Tomorrow is our traditional Sunday morning walk and breakfast.

Maybe I will study Spanish this week while he is gone.

Miss him already.


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