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Monday, March 22, 2010

Trip to the oriente - 3 - Butterfly House

Sacha Lodge operates a butterfly production house where the entire life-cycle of the insects takes place. The facility is quite large; with most of it is devoted to feeding caterpillars and storing pupas, but there is also a large enclosed space where butterflies flit around while they lay eggs. Guests may go there to enjoy them anytime.

Eggs are usually laid on plants. Each species of butterfly has its own host plant range. A large part of the Sacha Lodge butterfly operation is devoted to growing specific plants. Here are a bunch of butterflies congregated on some bushes.

These beauties posed on a bucket.

While this one showed me both sides of its wings.

Brad captured the following image; I don`t remember seeing it - there were so many.

My next blog will focus on the rain forest itself.

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