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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, the day Chuck always buys Flowers

Dear Family and Friends,

Every Wednesday morning Chuck goes to the market to buy fresh flowers for our condo. He loves to buy them, arrange them and place them around.

Today, this became my job because Chuck is still touring with Brad. Normally I would just do without fresh flowers but since Brad will be our house guest we need to gussie up the place a bit.

I asked Lourdes if she would go with me to the market to pick out flowers. We went to Chuck's favorite vendor. I had my camera with me so I could show the vendor Chuck's picture, hoping that I would get the same good prices she gives to him. The sales lady smiled with recognition as I showed her Chuck's picture. Lourdes explained that he was out of town and we needed to buy flowers.

As Lourdes and I picked out the flowers, the lady asked Lourdes when Chuck would be back. I think she really looks forward to seeing him every week.

I think she honored me with the same great prices she gives to Chuck. We bought a lot of flowers for only $11.50. Here is Lourdes with our selections.

I asked Lourdes if she would negotiate for a pound of large shrimp for me. She went to the vendor while I stayed out of sight and got me a pound of beautiful large shrimp. She even helped me clean them when we got back home. She showed me an easy way to devein them.

I heard from Chuck last night. He and Brad are now in Banos. He said their trip in the jungle was FANTASTIC. He and Brad arrive in Cuenca tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to hear all about the adventure.

While Chuck has been gone, I have experimented with making ice cream, ordered new furniture for our bedroom. I have enjoyed being with friends and I didn't make time to study Spanish.

I sure will be glad when tomorrow afternoon gets here.


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