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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Trip to the Doctor

Dear Family and Friends,

The night I arrived in Quito I was having a lot of trouble with my shoulder. I didn't sleep well because every time I moved my arm in a certain direction there was sharp pain.

Chuck wanted to return to Cuenca the next day, so that I could see a doctor but I told him that I had been putting up with this bad shoulder for several weeks. I think lugging about 3 pieces of luggage at 50 lbs. each had just made it worse. I really wanted to enjoy our time in Quito so I promised Chuck that as soon as we arrived back in Cuenca I would go to see our doctor, Dr. Martinez.

We arrived in Cuenca on Sunday. On Monday, Chuck called the office of Dr. Martinez. His receptionist made an appointment for 4:30 pm. Yes, that's 4:30 pm that same day.

When we went to see Dr. Martinez we arrived a little early so we had a wait about ten minutes until he was finished with another patient. But, at 4:30 we were called into his office.

I described my symptoms. I was some what surprised when he already knew I had been traveling. He told me that he reads our blog. He suggested that lifting the heavy luggage may have irritated what was going on in my shoulder. After examining my shoulder, he said that I should have an ultra sound done to determine the exact cause of my pain.

He asked when I would like to have the test done. He said I could have it done right away if they were not too busy. I said let's get it done as soon as possible. Dr. Martinez wrote out an order for the ultra sound and had his receptionist make a call to see if they could see me. They said come on over. So Chuck and I took a taxi to the ultra sound doctor.

When I arrived there I was immediately seen. The doctor did the ultra sound and gave me a copy of the results. By now it was 5:15 pm. Only 45 minutes time had elapsed since I stepped foot into the office of Dr. Martinez.

When we got back to Dr. Martinez, we were seen right away. I had spied a restored antique truck on the way up to his office. It was painted a bright yellow and had FARGO on the front and back. I asked Chuck if he thought it belonged to Dr. Martinez.

We went into his office, Dr. Martinez read the results and told me that I had an inflamed tendon. That it could be treated and with care I should be good as new. I asked him about the truck. He told me that it belonged to someone else. I asked him about the name...Fargo. Where was it made? He said in the USA. Oh my goodness, I never new there was a truck by that name made in the states. He went online and emailed me information about the truck right while I was sitting there. Oh, and he also wrote a prescription for Motrin for my arm and suggested that I try to keep it immobil.

In case you are interested, here is the link Dr. Martinez sent me about Fargo trucks.

As Chuck and I left his office, I noticed that it was 5:45 pm. We had accomplished all of this in one hour and 45 minutes. For this Gringa, that is absolutely incredible. I can't imagine this response in the U.S. It would have taken 2 or more days to get accomplished what we did in such a short time.

When we got home, Chuck made a sling out of one of my dish towels.

Oh, one other thing, Dr. Martinez said that my blood pressure was a little high so I am going into see him Wednesday afternoon for another reading. No appointment, just drop by. It may have been elevated because of coming from the U.S. to the high altitude, but if not, I know he will get me on the right track quickly. How lucky can one person be....I am so grateful to Dr. Martinez.

Oh, speaking of doctors, our computer doctor, Jose Cortez dropped by this morning. Here he is enjoying a cappuccino with Chuck.

He had asked me to bring back a color printer cartridge for him. He also was delivering our little computer he had repaired. Chuck's little net book computer had died after Chuck spilled some passion fruit juice on it. This juice is sticky and sweet. Not Good!

Jose had opened the computer up, cleaned it out and it now operates as good as new. Jose's charges are very reasonable and he is bilingual. So, if you live here in Cuenca, you may want to use him if you have a need.

Jose's email is:
His cell phone is: 095561077

Tomorrow we have a busy day. We are meeting Tom and George (the men I met in Atlanta on they way to Quito) and Charlie and Bruce and Rich and Nancy for lunch. Then I'm off for a blood pressure check with Dr. Martinez and tomorrow night we are going to the Russian ballet.

I am also in the midst of making travel plans with our daughter, Kylie. She and I are planning a road trip across the U.S. in June...but more about that later.



  1. We're looking into moving to Cuenca and will be visiting in the fall and I've learned valuable info right here on your blog post! Both about the body doctor and the computer doctor. Having good ones is a necessity for living the good life!

    Good luck with your shoulder. Glad to know it's not a "frozen shoulder" or a rotary cuff problem, because both take months to heal with physical therapy. I imagine you can get good phys therapy in Cuenca as well.

  2. Nancy,

    Thanks for sharing all that info with us. Very useful.

    I am excited about my plans to visit Cuenca and hope I can meet you then.
    If you have plans to travel through Dallas on your road
    trip, stop and see me!

    Take care...Julia

  3. Nancy and Chuck,

    I love your post, still interested in visiting in the fall,



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