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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chuck is Away and I am so Darn Busy

Dear Family and Friends,

On Monday, the 19th, Chuck flew back to the U.S.  He will be there until Saturday, the 31st.  He is combining business, family and fun into one trip.  He went to Seattle over this past weekend to visit his dad and his brothers and sister.  Now he is back in Richland, hopefully tying up some loose ends.  He is bringing back a big hunk of hard Parmesan cheese.

I have been holding the fort down in Cuenca.  Last week, Randy and Karen stayed here until their apartment became available.  I have been living solo since last Friday.

About a month ago, as you may remember, I made up my mind to do two very important things.  One was to establish and maintain a walking routine.  The other was to enroll in school and learn to speak Spanish.  I am happy to report that both things are going very well.

Randy and Karen walked with me last week while they were here.  Last Saturday was my first time to walk alone.  It was not quite as fun as usual since I love having someone to chat with while we walk.  I walked all the way to town (appox 1 hr.) to the Kookaburra cafe for breakfast.

While I was at the Kookaburra Larry and Linda came in.  They invited me to join them at the California Kitchen for dinner.

The diners at the California Kitchen grew in number.  It turned into a party of sorts.

I love this first picture.  It is a picture of Jenny (Kookaburra) and Carol (California Kitchen).  Two expat ladies who, with their families, have opened up restaurants in Cuenca.  It seems that when Kookaburra is closed, Jenny and Chris eat at the California Kitchen.  On Sunday mornings, when the California Kitchen is closed, we always run into Carol and George eating breakfast at the Kookaburra.  All are good friends, supporting each other in their endeavors.

As usual, I almost forgot to take a picture of my food.  Here is what was left of my delicious salad when I thought to pull out my camera.

 The main entre was Coq au Vin with buttered noodles and asparagus.

I chose blackberry cobbler for dessert.


 Clarke took this picture of us and......

 I took this picture of him and Brenda.

Although I came home after dinner, the rest of these party animals went on to the Eucalyptus cafe for more fun after dinner.

So, Chuck, if you are reading this, I am doing fine and so are the plants on the patio.



  1. Dinner looks beyond yummy. Do you get blueberries in Cuenca?

  2. Len, If there are blueberries here, I have yet to find them.


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