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Friday, August 20, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday morning Chuck had planned to give Puff-Puff a much needed bath. But we woke up to a drizzling, misty rain. So we decided to go to the Fair Trade artisan market instead.

We stopped and picked up Rox and off we went.

There were a lot of woven items, baskets, etc. and a lot of pottery. There was also some jewelry.

Here are Chuck and Rox watching their purchases getting carefully wrapped for safe travel. I will post a picture of our purchases after we get back to Cuenca.

Outside there was a mama donkey and her baby eating the grass. They were so sweet.

We took Rox home and she and Bob offered us a cup of coffee. Bob invited us back for dinner, which we heartedly accepted.

Chuck and I went back to Montanita to look around and shop. . . . . .and to take a picture of the big I love Montanita sign.

Maybe you can tell by looking at this is still misting rain. So I went back to the hotel room and took a nice nap. Chuck relaxed in the hammock, read his book, smoked his pipe and pretty much took a vacation from taking a vacation.

Around 5pm we headed over to the Hedges' and joined them for happy hour and a delicious dinner of beef stew. Bob and Rich both are really good cooks. Must be a family gene. While we were sitting around having drinks before dinner Coquita climbed up into Chuck's lap and snuggled in.

What a sweetie.

Thank you Bob and Rox for a nice visit.

We are off this morning, heading on up the the rain.

Until tomorrow.

Nancy (and Chuck)

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