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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chuck Joins the "Boys"

Dear Family and Friends,

If you read some of the other blogs from Cuenca you may already be aware that our friends, Randy and Clarke, recently purchased motorcycles. This post is to announce that Chuck succumbed and bought a motorcycle also. He is now a member of the OF (Old Farts) Moto Gang. (By the way, Clarke tried to tell me that "OF" stood for Old Folks. HA!)

Even though Randy and Clarke are considerably younger than him, Chuck is still a boy at heart. He will be 71 years old next month, but he is 17 in his heart and spirit.

Chuck shopped around and settled on a Moto Uno 200, a Chinese cycle that is assembled in Ecuador. The dealer he bought the moto from did all the legal work required. Here in Ecuador, this is a BIG plus.

This bike has a gear shift that is operated by foot. Since Chuck has has always shirted gears with his left hand, he solicited David, our good neighbor and an expert cyclist, to drive his new moto home from the dealer. Chuck said he prefers to learn to drive this cycle on the back streets rather than the busy road required to get the cycle home.

So, yesterday, Chuck went with David to pick up his motorcycle. David drove it home and Chuck took a taxi.

Here is David pointing out some features of Chuck's new bike after he arrived home with it.

And here is a picture of the bike in our garage.

David has loaned Chuck a motorcycle helmet to use until he brings his from the U.S. He also gave Chuck a motorcycle cover to protect it.

Chuck woke up this morning all set to practice riding his new bike. Guess what? It is raining!

That is about it from our little corner of the world.

Nancy (and Chuck)

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  1. Haha glad you joined the club Chuck! Sorry you couldn't go riding today... maybe tomorrow!


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