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Monday, October 18, 2010

Capitol Reef Park in Utah

Dear Family and Friends,

Although Chuck and I are in California now, I want to go back and catch you up a bit. We have been without wi-fi for several days.

I have these beautiful pictures to share that I took when we were in Utah. I took them in the Capitol Reef National Park. This park is not too far from the Arches National Park that I shared with you earlier.

As you can see, this is a beautiful place and was well worth our effort to see this awesome scenery.

We drove to Ely, Neveda to spend the night. The next morning we drove across the state of Nevada on Highway 50. It was dubbed the loneliest highway in America about 20 years ago by Life magazine.

It took us all day, but the road was not that bad. Although stark at times the scenery was interesting. Very little traffic and mostly straight roads so we made good time if you get my drift.

We were lucky to stop to find the famous "shoe tree." This tree is in the middle of nowhere. I mean NOWHERE. I guess that is what makes it so interesting. Where all the shoes came from is a mystery. It is hard to believe that that many people have tossed shoes up there. We kept ours on because we didn't have a pair to spare. Take a look at this...

This is a how the road looked for most of the trip. You can see why we were so fascinated not only by the number of shoes on the tree but that there was a tree.

We spent that night in Reno, Nevada and the next day drove to Dublin, California. I will share all the VIPs we have met in our next post.

We are on our countdown until I return to Cuenca. We have had a great time, but we are ready to get back home.

With love,

Nancy and Chuck

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