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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crater Lake, Oregon

Dear Family and Friends,

Once again the weather was beautiful for top down touring. We went to Crater Lake, Oregon, our last tour destination before returning to Richland, WA.

It was my first visit there even though I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for 35 years. Crater Lake is actually a mountain that sank in the middle, forming a huge crater. Over time the crater filled with water from snow melt and rain.

Here are some pictures...

Here is a critter picture.....yes, I fed him in order to get this picture.

The other day Chuck bought another wide brim hat for me to wear in the convertible because I left mine at Kylie's house.

I found one I liked a whole lot better. So he decided to wear this one in order to keep the sun off his face. It has a tie that goes under his chin to keep it from blowing away as we ride along. I started calling him Carlos.

So here we go down the highway after leaving Crater Lake. We pass a cop on a motorcycle and he pulls out behind us and turns on his lights.

We pulled over, showed him the obligatory license, proof of insurance and registration. He then issued us a warning for not pulling over into the other lane when we saw a car that was being stopped by another cop.

Anyway, we got off light. I think he just was curious about the hat and wondered what clown was wearing it.

Not only are we finishing our road trip tomorrow, it is also Carlos' birthday. I don't think I will bother buying him a birthday hat.

With love,
Nancy and Carlos


  1. Happy Birthday Chuck!

  2. My wife and daughter went swimming there in the summer of 1996.

    Snow remained on the inside shady side of the volcanic rim.

    That water was ice cold if you went below the 2 to 3 foot thermal layer on the top of the Lake!

    It was one of the biggest Volcanic eruptions in North American history thousands of years ago that caused this Crater.

    Such beautiful memories...

    Your picture and near arrest reminds me of Dennis Hopper in "Easy Chuckster"...

    Stick it to the Man! :-)

    Ha, ha, ha...

    Dr. Michael Quadlander

  3. Your pictures are absolutely fabulous! I especially like the second picture of the lake.
    I swear Chuck can wear any hat and make it look like it was made for him. Love that sombrero, Carlos :-)

  4. You drove right past us! Guess we will have to catch you in Cuenca. We will be there the 4th! Looking forward to seeing you again!!!

  5. Nice hat! :D

    and I love Crater Lake!!! I've been there camping twice. Love the pics, glad you all are safe and sound back in good 'ol Cuenca.


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