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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mesa Verde

Dear Family and Friends,

We thought the beauty of the drive to Taos, New Mexico was wonderful and couldn't be beat. We were wrong. The drive from Taos to Mesa Verde, Colorado was superb. Take a look at these pictures.....

The drive up the mesa to the top gave us wonderful views of the valley below.

The cliff dwellings were awesome to see....

This is a well preserved Kiva...a ceremonial center

We are now in Moab, Utah. Tomorrow we are going to see the Arches National Park. Here is one enormous rock we saw while driving here. I hope it is a hint of sights to come.

We are having a grand time seeing the beauty of our home country, the USA. We are, however, missing Ecuador a lot. We keep up on what is happening by reading all the blogs.

Hugs to all.

Nancy and Chuck


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! I lived in Durango & Cortez for seven years and it makes me a little homesick.

    I can't wait to visit it again. I actually was talking to a friend about my old archaeology days there. Not at Mesa Verde but on the Ute Mt. Ute Res.

    So envious!!!

  2. Lani, I am envious of you...this is beautiful country. As you can tell we are enjoyed our travels in Colorado.


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