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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Texas State Fair

Dear Family and Friends,

Thursday we after a great lunch with friends, Howard and Amelia, Norman, Nancy, Mom, Chuck and I headed off to see the Texas state fair.

This was a great treat as Chuck and I had never been. I have always wanted to go ever since I was a teenager and saw the movie "State Fair" with Pat Boone. It was filmed at the Texas State Fair.

Here are some of the highlights.

Big Tex.... he is an icon of the fair.

The police led the Marine Drum and Bugle corp through the fair grounds.

Another icon is this huge ferris wheel. It has Texas Star on it.

Chuck and I rode this monster on the condition that one of us would not rock the cage when we got on top.

I was able to take some neat pictures of the fair from above.

This is the midway below us.

And here is a nice view of the lake on the fairgrounds and the skyline of the city of Dallas in the background.

The famous Cotton Bowl football stadium is located inside the fairgrounds.

One of the coolest exhibits we saw was this life size sculpture made out of butter. It is displayed inside a refridgerated glass container.

Here is a picture of Mom and Nan getting their sore feet virbrated in special chairs. Best bargain at the fair......only 25 cents.

Here are a couple of signs. It seems at the Texas State Fair they fry any and everything. This sign says they serve fried butter, fried chocolate, fried peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches, fried cookie dough and fried pizza.

And my favorite: fried beer

We had a grand time. Got home exhausted but happy. We hugged the family goodbye.

Yesterday we left Dallas at 6:30am and headed out for a heads down driving day. We drove all day with a few stops. We were driving through the panhandle of Texas (Amarillo area). There were two main sights in this area. Oil wells and cotton fields. The cotton fields were beautiful because they were ready for picking.

Here is a close up of how the cotton looks ready to pick.

And this is how the field looked. I'm a Georgia girl and I have never in my life seen so much cotton. The field was so large that it was all I could see.

We spent the night in Clayton, New Mexico. This morning we are driving with the top down. We are on our way to Taos.

The weather looks great out so we are expecting a great trip.

With love,

Nancy (and Chuck)


  1. Looking forward to the Taos photos. I bet there wont be any cotton there!

  2. New Mexico and Texas and Mexico are my favorit places.


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