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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ecuador Peanut Butter Taste Test

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday Chuck and I were shopping at Super Maxi (our local supermarket). When we started to buy peanut butter we noticed there were several Ecuadorian brands that we had never tried. On the spur of the moment we decided to buy one of each and have a taste test.

This morning before we started the test Chuck suggested that we add the peanut butter that he buys at the market. So, off he ran to the Feria Libre market to get some of their fresh ground peanut butter.

Now we were all set. We decided to do a blind tasting. I quickly chose to be the researcher and Chuck agreed to be the victim taster.

Here is the selection:

I arranged the peanut butter samples on a plate.

I hollered to Chuck and told him it was his turn...

He did his job very well. Tasting and describing each sample.

Here are the results:

Sample 1. Too thin, sticks to roof of mouth.

Sample 2. Not as oily or sticky and doesn't have as much peanut taste as #1.

Sample 3. Almost identical as #2.

Sample 4. Smoother than #2 and #3. Not as sticky as #1

Sample 5. Darker in color. Wouldn't spread very well.

When asked which peanut butter he preferred, Chuck chose #1. He said it tasted closest to U.S. style peanut butter.


The preferred brand #1 was Schullo. It was the most expensive of the five tested. $2.82 for 200 gms.

Brand #2 was Ile. It cost $1.25 for 200 gms.

Brand #3 was Nuppy. It cost $2.41 for 200 gms.

Brand #4 was Dorita. It cost $1.65 for 200 gms.

Brand #5 was from the Fiera Libra. It cost $.75 for 200 gms.

All of the brands claimed to contain only peanuts or peanuts and salt. No additives.

By the way, if any one living in Cuenca (CLARKE) would like to do their own taste test, come on over to the Watsons....we have plenty of each brand for your tasting enjoyment.

H and K,


  1. Ummmmm...
    Notice that the one chosen (#1 Schullo) won because "it tasted closest to U.S. style peanut butter." Well now, that is the key isn't it ....... tasting closest to U.S. style? Clearly, if there were U.S peanut butters there, they would have won hands down. And everyone knows that of the U.S. peanut butters, JIF is the best.

  2. This blog was the topic of MUCH conversation at dinner last night.

  3. Sue & Pat,
    Did you by any chance have dinner with Clarke last night???

  4. And this my children is the reason that in some cultures it is taboo for scientists to marry each other. They start performing experiments on each other. It all starts out innocently enough, but god knows what it will lead to. I think it is time for you two to take another road trip.

  5. That's some pretty expensive peanut butter! I pay like $2.80 for Walmart's brand, 567g jar. (I think I buy the 20 oz size). #5 looks like the old El Ranchito Restaurant in Zillah's refried beans. Yum.


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