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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art Auction - Goodbye Larry and Liza

Dear Family and Friends,
Thursday night was a bitter sweet moment for us.  Our friends Larry and Liza are moving to Spain and we will miss them.  They are selling all her mosaic art before heading off to their new life. 
An art auction was held Thursday night at the California Kitchen.  We already have a piece of her beautiful mosaic art.  You can see it here.

We went to the auction in hopes of obtaining more of her incredible work.

These three pictures were on display when we arrived.

Believe me a camera cannot do them justice.

Here is one of the pictures we were able to buy.  On the right is the auctioneer.

And this piece was probably the most desired piece at the auction.

We had a nice evening with our friends..

Here are our friends, Larry and Linda Marler, enjoying the evening.

Larry and Liza we all wish you lots of success in your new adventures.  Don't be surprised if some of us are knocking at your door in Spain one day.

We will miss you and we love you,
Nancy and Chuck

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