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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cuenca Weather Information

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck found this very neat URL that has historical weather data for Cuenca.

Here is the link:

Good information to have if you are moving or planning on traveling to Cuenca.

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For our friends, Clarke and Brenda -

Just to let you know that your babies are being well cared for.  We were over at the Kimblers tonight eating some of the best homemade soup on earth.  I snapped these pictures just for you.

Karen is a good substitute mommy.

And, just to put your mind at ease Brenda, the puppies are doing an excellent job of keeping their room nice and neat.  You must of trained them well.  (smile)

Hope you guys are having a nice time in Kansas.

Hurry home.

Nancy and Chuck


  1. Here is one more link (historical weather for Cuenca and many other cities):


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