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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Moon Egg Balancing

Dear Family and Friends,

On Friday night, my friend, Denver Greer wrote on Facebook: "Make your plans for going out tomorrow night (Sat) and take a gander at the "Super Moon." The Moon will be at it's closest to the Earth, and the Sun and Moon will be aligned with the Earth. They say when this happens the gravity pull is so strong you can stand an egg on its end. They say."

Well, we live so near the equator that I figured we would have an added advantage.  

Here are the results.

1.  Full "Super Moon" from our patio (a little cloudy)

2. Chuck easily balances the egg.  NOT

3.  My attempt at balancing the egg.

4.  Chuck said he wanted one more CRACK at it.   Here are the results:


Nancy & Chuck


  1. Chuck has obviously mastered the proper technique. Now the follow up step involves breakfast. ATB!

  2. that was funny, thanks!

  3. Maria Cecilia GonzalezApril 4, 2011 at 6:12 PM

    What a beautiful picture of the super moon! I am a designer and a painter and I really think it is more like a painting than a real photo! Thanks for sharing it.


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