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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inside the Old Provincial Court of Justice Building

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday, my Spanish teacher, Fernando took me on a field trip to el centro (downtown).  We sat in Parque Calderon and he told me about the buildings that surround the square.

One particular building I would like to share with you today.  It is the old Provincial Court of Justice building.  In the last couple of years Cuenca has built a new Justice Building. This old building is one of the oldest in Cuenca and, to me, it is one of the prettiest.

If you live in Cuenca, or have visited Cuenca in the past, you will recognize this building.  It is located across Sucre from the old cathedral.

Fernando took me inside.  Whoa!  Have a look at this.

The floor tiles, the marble and the ceiling just made my jaw drop.

In the center of the covered courtyard is a statue of Sucre. 

Behind the statue is the new entrance to Teatro Sucre (Sucre Theater).  Just another wonderful treasure about Cuenca.

As far as I know, the courtyard is open to the public anytime the building is open.  If you live here in Cuenca, and haven't popped inside for a look, I highly recommend it.  And, if you are coming to Cuenca anytime in the future, add this to your tour list.  When I was inside, I felt like I was in Europe.

Tomorrow morning early, Chuck and I are hopping in Puff-Puff and heading for the coast.  We will relax, visit with friends and hopefully not get sunburned.



  1. Wow, i wish we would have gone inside when i was there. it's amazing!!!


  2. We will certainly go there on your next visit to Cuenca. Chuck and I are at the beach now. Relaxing before we go back to the U.S. See you soon. Big hugs, Mom

  3. Yep, put this on our itinerary next time,too! We've always liked the outside of this building. So is it used for anything now?


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