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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saraguro Adventure - Part II

Dear Family and Friends,

The next stop on our Saraguro tour was the textile mill. We were really amazed when we drove out into the countryside to an adobe building. It was the mill. Since it was Sunday, the mill was not operating, but the owner gave us a tour and demonstrations of how the looms work.

There was not an electric motor in the building. All of these looms are operated by feet and hands.

Some of the thread was unbelievably brilliant in color.

The owner, along with his daughter, demonstrated how the looms worked.

It was a highlight of the trip for me. The fabric that is made by hand in this mill is so beautiful.

After the tour was over, and we were leaving, I noticed a darling sheep. He looked like he was about ready to donate to the mill.

You would never know the mill was there. It was just an adobe building out in the country, surrounded by small farms, on a dirt road. Just incredible.

This house was next door to the textile mill. It reminded me of some I had seen in Russia years ago. It had a Scandinavian look to me. I went through some old pictures and found one to compare. The top picture is of the house in Ecuador. The picture framed in red is one I took in Novgorod, Russia in 1990.

The style was very similar. It is amazing to me how these houses, so far apart, can be so similar.

Next we went to a pottery factory. I'll share about that on the next post.



  1. If the mill was open could you have bought woven fabric from them right there? Sounds like a wonderful time!

  2. Karen, We didn't ask if we could buy it from him. He told us that it was for sell in town and we just accepted that. Maybe we could have bought some from him if we had asked.

  3. What beautiful colors of thread!! No wonder some of the clothes around here are so festive looking!!


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