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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take Your Kid to Work Day????

Dear Family and Friends,

Quite often I see things in Cuenca that touch my heart and make me smile.

It is quite normal here to see mamas tending their small children while selling fruits and vegetables at the market.  But, today I saw a daddy working and tending junior. 

I was sitting in Parque Calderon waiting for my friend, Patricia.  I was watching the shoe shine vendors across the street.

The portico is lined with shoe shine vendors in the day and then after 5:00pm, they leave and the hippie jewelry vendors come for the evening shift.

I was watching them work and saw a man getting his shoes shined.  There was the shoe shine vendor, the male customer and a baby stroller.  After a moment it occurred to me how strange this looked.  When the customer left, I expected to see him walk away pushing the stroller.  But no, after getting his shoes shined, the customer walked away alone and that was when I realized that the baby was with the vendor.

It was heart warming to watch the vendor interacting with the baby while waiting for another customer.

I walked across the street just to get a look at the tyke.

I went on to enjoy a wonderful lunch with Patricia.



  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very sweet...we see lots of Dad with babies here in Madrid...


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