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Monday, March 7, 2011

There's Something about Cuenca that Brings People Back

Dear Family and Friends,

We have been spending time this past week with some old friends.

When we first tried out Cuenca, three years ago, we rented an apartment for seven months.  During that time we met many people.  Some of those people we hear from occasionally and some we were like ships that pass in the night.

The first couple I will share about is Jeanne and Vickie.  We met Jeanne and Vickie on a cruise ship about four years ago.  The next year, when we were in Cuenca, they came to visit us.  We occasionally heard from them but did not actually think we would ever see them again.

Well, Jeanne has been here several weeks, basically doing what we did three years ago.  She is hosting friends from the U.S. and to our surprise and amazement one of them was Vickie.

Here is a picture of Jeanne and Vickie when they visited us three years ago.

And, here Jeanne is with our neighbor, Bea, on our recent trip to Saraguro.

Three years ago we met Elzbieta and Russell at the Eucalyptus restaurant.  We invited them over to visit us at our condo.  Actually, I doubted that we would ever see them again.  But, never say never, they returned to Cuenca last week for another look see.  They contacted us and we were able to have a reunion of sorts.

I looked through the old pictures from three years ago and found this picture of Elzbieta and Russell.

Here is a picture I took last week when they came to visit us.

Life is interesting, you never know what is around the next bend.  Now I expect we will be seeing Jeanne and Vickie and Elzbieta and Russell again in the furture.  One day we may even be neighbors with them here in Cuenca.



  1. I am heart broken. ;>) We are your most wonderful success story! And now we only live two blocks away... you can leave the country, but some friends still follow you!

  2. Yes Karen, you and Randy are our most wonderful success story. The only difference here is that we knew we would be seeing you guys again.

    See you tomorrow!

  3. It was wonderful seeing you guys again. I loved your two homes. I am enjoying spring time in N.C. but missing Cuenca. Lord willing I will return. Nancy, I hope you are feeling better.
    Best Wishes to you both,


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