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Monday, May 16, 2011

Train Ride with Granddaughters

Dear Family and Friends,

Last Tuesday, hours after the closing of the house, Chuck and I boarded the train.  We went to Minnesota to get Petra and Paige, our granddaughters.  They are spending the next couple of weeks at "Camp Mimi and Poppi."

We spent half day with all 10 of our grandchildren before leaving for Minneapolis with the girls.  During the visit we celebrated two birthdays, hugged all the kids and held the new grand baby, played with the Wii, caught up on everyone's news and had lunch.

We had a couple of hours to kill before the train arrived so we took the girls to Mall of America.  We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  What do you know, Paige got to celebrate her birthday twice.

After dinner we had time to go to the American Girl store.  This was a big hit with the girls.

 Chuck and the girls waiting for the train to arrive.

Next morning, breakfast in the dining car.

 Chuck and Paige entertaining themselves in the lounge car.

Petra and North Dakota (outside the window)!

We had a chance to stretch our legs on our stop in Minot, North Dakota.

Saturday morning we arrived back in the Tri Cities. We picked up Matt and went to McDonald's.  Heidi and Cannon joined us for breakfast before we headed for Seattle.  Here are the girl cousins enjoying a short but grand reunion.

We drove to Seattle yesterday.  Today we celebrate Chuck's dad's 98th birthday.  Tomorrow we leave for Ecuador.

Nancy (and Chuck)


  1. Thank you so much for your photo journalism!! It looks like the girls are having a splendid time. I'm super glad they have this opportunity for travel and memory making with Mimi & Poppi.

  2. Hurry home we miss you! We will not be having the shindig that we were planing. So you are good to go for resting up when you arrive, but please squeeze out some time for us to come meet the girls and say hi to Matt!


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