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Sunday, July 17, 2011

River Wash-a-teria

Dear Family and Friends,

We have been having fun learning to be land lords.  Our second set of tenants left on Friday and we have new tenants arriving mid week.  This is a new adventure for us and we want to do it right.  So good.

This morning we left our apartment to meet Rich and Nancy for our Sunday stroll to Kookaburras for breakfast.  I looked across the river and enjoyed seeing these three people using the river.  They were just yards from each other and busy washing....

a bicycle....

 a car floormat....

and this lady, using here feet as an agitator.

We love being observers here...after three years we are still entertained by the little things.

Hope your week is a great one.


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  1. Great shots. I love seeing what's happening on the Yanuncay. The most fun is when they start throwing the nets out for trout.


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