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Monday, September 5, 2011

Band Aid Substitute - New to Me!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Sunday while Rich, Nancy, Chuck and I were eating breakfast at the Kookaburra.  Jenny, owner and chef, came over to our table to show us her hand.  She had a small burn and she shared with us her remedy.  She said that the folks that live in the countryside around here do this often for burns, scraps or most anything you would need a band aid for.

She explained to us that she had taken a fresh cracked egg shell and removed the membrane that is just inside the shell and put it over the burn.  The membrane is moist from the egg white.  She smoothed it on the burn and after it dries, it forms excellent protection.  The egg white is good for the burn.

Here's a picture.

Jenny, if I did not pass on the correct information, let me know and I will correct the description of the remedy.

If I get a kitchen burn, it is usually when I am frying bacon for breakfast.  How perfect is this?  The eggs get fried next.  Just crack the egg, take the moist membrane from the shell and apply to burn..

Next time I get a burn, I am going to try this.

Happy to pass on a good ol' folk remedy.


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