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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Travel Schedule

Dear Family and Friends,

More about our trip.  We (Chuck, Clarke, Brenda and I) are flying to Madrid on Sunday.  We will tour Madrid and surrounding areas the first week.  We will then rent a car and tour southern Spain and Gibraltar.  From there we will take a ferry to Morocco.  We will spend about a week in Morocco before flying to Mallorca to meet Audrey and Jim (Chuck's sister and her husband) and to board a cruise ship.  The six of us will cruise across the Atlantic, ending up in Panama.  We will fly back home from there.  (This is the nutshell version)

Chuck has done a wonderful job of designing our trip...air travel, hotels, and car rental.  He provided me with the following schedule calendar.  I am hoping to post to the blog as we travel.  This schedule should give you a mental model of what we are doing and when.

Sun, October 2 - Depart Cuenca – Guayaquil – Madrid. 30 hours flying and sitting in airports.

Mon, October 3  - Arrive Madrid around noon, collapse in hotel.

Tue, October 4 - Tour Madrid

Wed, October 5 - Madrid Museums – Prado, see El Greco, Goya, Velazquez and more

Thu, October 6 - Day trip to Toledo

Fri, October 7 - Tour Madrid - Reina Sofia museum for Picasso

Sat, October 8 -  Day trip to Cuenca. Yes, we are going to check out the original Cuenca

Sun, October 9 - Tour Madrid – Royal Palace

Mon, October 10 - Pick up rental car, drive to Córdoba 

Tue, October 11 - Tour Córdoba , Drive to Seville in afternoon 

Wed, October 12 - Tour Seville

Thu, October 13 - Tour Seville - Alcazar

Fri, October 14 - Drive to Granada

Sat, October 15 - Tour Granada, visit the Alhambra

Sun, October 16 - Tour Granada

Mon, October 17 - Drive to Coín to meet up with Larry and Liza Wheeler

Tue, October 18 - Drive to Gibraltar – See the apes

Wed, October 19 - Return rental car, Ferry to Tagier, Morroco

Thu, October 20 - Tour Tangier

Fri, October 21 - Train to Fez

Sat, October 22 - Tour Fez

Sun, October 23 - Tour Fez

Mon, October 24 - Train Fez to Marrakesh

Tue, October 25 - Tour Marrakesh

Wed, October 26 - Tour Marrakesh

Thu, October 27 - Fly Marrakesh to Madrid

Fri, October 28 - Fly to Palma de Malorca

Sat, October 29 - Meet up with Audrey and Jim and tour Palma de Mallorca

Sun, October 30 - Embark on Cruise

Mon, October 31 - Cruise

Tue, November 1 - Cruise

Wed, November 2 - Tenerife, Canary Islands

Thu, November 3 - Cruise

Fri, November 4 - Cruise

Sat, November 5 - Cruise

Sun, November 6 - Cruise

Mon, November 7 - Cruise

Tue, November 8 - San Maarten

Wed, November 9 - Antigua

Thu, November 10 - Bridgetown Barbados

Fri, November 11 - Cruise

Sat, November 12 - Cruise

Sun, November 13 - Cruise ends, pick up rental car, driving tour of canal

Mon, November 14 - Audrey and Jim return rental car and fly home. Clarke and Brenda fly home. Chuck and Nancy tour Panama 

Tue, November 15 - Tour Panama

Wed, November 16 - Watsons fly home

We have a lot of things to do before finding our suitcases.


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  1. Yes. Chuck has done a wonderful job. He is my hero.


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