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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Penthouse Improvements

Dear Family and Friends,

We have been busy lately adding art and improving the condo we rent out to Cuenca tourists.  Below is one of the additions.  We bought this rug in Peguchi, a little village just outside of Otavalo, Ecuador.  The colors are perfect for the condo.

The big project, that we were feverishly finishing last night, was a new top for our terrace sunshade.  When we bought the sunshade it had a canvas top.  This was fine, unless it rained or the wind came up.  Chuck came up with a grand solution.  He said slats would let the wind and rain through and also provide shade.

We hired our friend, Hugo, to design the new top.  We told him that we had new tenants arriving today and wanted the project finished before they arrived.  Hugo made the top in one week.  The new top was installed yesterday afternoon.  Here are the pictures.

Hugo, on the right, and his helpers relaxing after a job well done.

Today, we met our new tenants at the airport.  They will be renting the condo for almost two months.  Below are Gayle and Paul (from California) with Karen and Randy (condo managers) and Chuck.

Gayle and Paul plan to be future residents of Cuenca.  This is their first time here. We bet they are going to enjoy their stay!



  1. Muy linda, Nancy and Chuck. The rug is gorgeous. The new sunslats are great also. Bueno trabaho!

  2. Thanks Sharon. Sometime when the condo is not being rented, we would like to take you there.

  3. We can't tell you how much we are enjoying your beautiful condo, Nancy and Chuck! Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job of decorating as well as meeting every possible need you could ask for here at the El Molle!

    And thank you for being the best Landlords we could ever ask for! Our trip to Chorteleg and Gualaceo was so much fun!

    We will miss you when you're on your exciting new travel adventure. Enjoy!!

  4. Gayle,

    Thank you for your nice comment. Chuck and I are so delighted that you are renting the condo. Since we know that you are planning on moving to Cuenca, we don't feel so guilty about running off. We have a future of fun with you two ahead of us.

    Randy & Karen are terrific people. We are honored that they are managing things while we are away. They are the best of the best.


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