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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carmona, Spain

As you know, we are traveling through southern Spain with our friends. Click here to read Clarke's post.

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday we took a leisurely drive from Cordoba to Seville.  We stopped about 40 kilometers before arriving Seville to tour a fortress in Carmona.

It was amazing how well the fortress, walls and all, was preserved.  Here are a few pictures....

The west gate:

We climbed the wall of the fortress and could see outside and inside the fortress.  This is the church San Pedro that is located just outside the walls.

A 180 degree turn and we could see inside the fortress. The town inside is still inhabited.  How cool to live inside the walls.

Here are Clarke and Brenda celebrating life on top of the fortress wall.  I am sure Clarke was thinking to himself, "Life is Good."

This is a close up picture of what we saw in the distance.  Chuck says that he thinks that it has a circle of mirrors below that reflect the sunlight to a boiler above.....producing electricity.  It really makes the sky around it an eerie sight.

We arrived in Seville in the early afternoon.  Chuck and I rested during the heat of the day and headed out last night for dinner and sight seeing.  We strolled around tourist central and had tapas and wine sitting just outside the cathedral.

This morning we are meeting up with Clarke and Brenda at 8:30am and we will try to beat the heat and maybe the crowds in touring the Seville sights.


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