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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mallorca, Spain - Taking the slow way home!

We are traveling with our friends, Clarke and Brenda.  To read their version of this trip click here.

We are meeting up with Audrey and Jim in Palma de Malorca before we embark the cruise ship.  You can read about their adventures in Spain by clicking here.

Dear Family and Friends,

We arrived in Mallorca, Spain on Friday.  Not long after we got checked into our hotel, Audrey and Jim arrived. Finally, all six of us are gathered in the same place!  

Yesterday was my birthday and five out of six of us enjoyed the beautiful city.  The one left behind was still suffering some of the Moroccan revenge.  That happened to be me!  In order to see pictures of this city you will need to click on links at the top of this blog.

By late afternoon, I was doing much better.  The troops gathered and decided that we should go out to dinner.  We went to a great restaurant and had paella.  A very nice birthday celebration for this old biddy!!

Later today we will board the cruise ship.  We depart tonight and arrive in Panama on November 13th.   

I will post about our cruise adventures after we get back home to Cuenca.


Important - When we board the cruse ship today we will be without internetThis means we will not be posting to the blog.  Actually, there is internet on the ship, but it is slow and the cost is astronomical, so we will only check our email once every day or so.
In case of emergency we could be contacted through the cruise line. We are on Royal Caribbean and the name of the boat is Grandeur Of The Seas.

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