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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nerja and Coin, Spain - Our visit with Larry and Liza ...Part 1 of 3

We are traveling with our friends, Clarke and Brenda.  To read their version of this trip click here.

Dear Family and Friends,

We got out of Granada without scratching the rental car!

Our next destination was Coin. This is where our friends, the Wheelers, are living.  They used to live in Cuenca, Ecuador but moved to Spain about a year ago.

Before arriving in Coin, we stopped at the coastal city of Nerja.

Nerja is a very popular place for northern Europeans to go during the winter to warm up and get sunshine. 

 The short term rental apartments look out over the Mediterranean.

Chuck and Clarke doing a little hat shopping.  Chuck is looking at a panama hat made in Ecuador.  The quality is course and should cost about $6 - $7 in Cuenca.  This hat cost 25 euros.

After grabbing a bite of lunch we headed to Coin.

We got in touch with Larry and Liza right after we checked into our hotel.

They walked us around the town.

They showed us some of their recent art.  It is incredible.

 We stopped at a couple of different places for celebratory drinks before winding up back at our hotel for dinner.

Beautiful Liza

Like so many of our friends, we have missed Larry and Liza.  We passed on all the "well wishes" from their friends. They really miss all their friends in Cuenca. We had a great visit.  

Larry and Liza told us that they may be moving to Granada in a month or so.  

Their art website is a must here.

Next stop....Gibraltar.


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