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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Snake Adventure in Tangiers - Part 2 of 2

Dear Family and Friends,

While we were in the Kasbah, we met a nice old man.  He had a surprise for us in his bag.

Yep, you got it.  The surprise was a snake.  A cobra to be exact.

He put it down on the ground.  The first thing it did was head away from the man toward Chuck.  I knew Chuck would get in trouble one day wearing that bright red Cuenca football shirt.

The orange arrow in the picture is pointed at the snake's head.  Chuck is just to the right of the snake.  The man quickly got the snake oriented towards himself and away from Chuck.

He then started talking to the cobra.  

Things were going fine until he decided to bring out another one.

He said for us to not worry, this snake is not a Cobra.  Ha! Like that made it good.

He wanted one of us to hold it.  I quickly announced that I was the photographer and I didn't have enough hands to hold the snake.  Chuck finally agreed to touch it so the man would be happy.

Then the old man went back and picked up the cobra.  Nope, no way!!  No touching that one....not even brave Chuck.  The old man just laughed and put took the snake away.

In the end, all was well.  What a fun guy.  I thought it was all fun after the snakes were put away.


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